Food System Planning

Karp Resources works with government, business and non-profit organizations to plan, execute and evaluate comprehensive food system strategies.  We work all along the food chain—from production to processing to distribution, and from procurement to policy—for measurable outcomes. Our food system planning success stories include the New York City Council, New York State Department of Agriculture and the USDA, New York City Department of Health, the Southside Community Land Trust of Providence, Rhode Island, Louisville Metro Government, and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City.

Featured Food System Planning Projects

New York City Green Carts

The NYC Green Cart Initiative is an innovative public-private effort leveraging the power of social enterprise to improve access to healthy foods.

Ruth Mott & C.S. Mott Foundations

These Flint, MI-based foundations retained Karp Resources to help assess the food systems activities in the city and immediate region, and to recommend a strategic investment strategy.

Battery Maritime Building

Karp Resources was retained to develop a conceptual plan and business model for operational partnerships to rejuvenate the historic Battery Maritime Building.